“Saam Baa” in Hong Kong – Three Strikes Paralyze the City

[english] – This report is mostly based on eye-witness accounts and discussions with protesters in Hong Kong over the past week. It describes the latest escalation of the protest movement's struggle against the Hong Kong government and police and the “saam baa” or “three strikes” actions in mid-November 2019: workers’ strike, class boycott, closure of businesses.

Not just ‘black bloc’ – Escalation and Perspective Distortion in Hong Kong

[deutsch | english | italiano] – The development of the movement until early September was described in a earlier posting. This is an update. While the clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong have further escalated, it is the daily practice of exchange, organizing, and solidarity – with all its contradictions – that makes up the strength of the movement.

Left-wing Perspectives on the Movement in Hong Kong

[deutsch | english | updated on September 9, 2020] – A selection of timelines and of left-wing articles and interviews on the movement. Obviously, the positions in the articles and interviews are diverse – and some disputable – but this material offers a good overview of the movements trajectory and the positions of left-wing activists and observers. The list will be updated.

Out of Control – Hong Kong’s Rebellious Movement and the Left

[deutsch | englishespañol | italiano | português | 中文] – This article is the result of recent discussions with protesters and left-wing activists in Hong Kong. It gives a short overview of the escalated confrontation and argues that the broad ignorance of the global left is a mistake. Despite its limitations, the movement constitutes a major challenge for the right-wing regime of China’s Communist Party (CCP) and could be the prelude for more struggles against the capitalist relations in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, and elsewhere.