List of audio- and video-podcasts Ralf Ruckus participated in or co-organized | Liste von Audio- und Video-Podcasts, an denen Ralf Ruckus teilnahm oder die Ralf mitorganisierte.



China and the World (TNI/gongchao.org et al., 2021)

China and the Left (gongchao.org et al., 2021)


Video-interview with Ralf Ruckus (Varn blog, September 24, 2022) – C. Derick Varn interviews Ralf Ruckus on his book The Communist Road to Capitalism.

Audio-podcast with Ralf Ruckus and Vincent Wong (Victors’ Children, November 22, 2021) – Ralf Ruckus is the author of The Communist Road to Capitalism, Vincent Wong recently wrote an article on China and the left in Canada in Briarpatch.

Video-discussion on China’s economic system (TNI, gongchao.org et al., November 17, 2021) – Ralf Ruckus, Joel Andreas, Ho-fung Hung, and Dong Yige speak about the socialist period in the People’s Republic of China, the market reforms and transition, and the current capitalist crises. The event was part of the webinar-series “China and the World.”

Video-interview with Ralf Ruckus (Felix Wemheuer, October 15, 2021) – Felix Wemheuer interviews Ralf Ruckus on the book The Communist Road to Capitalism and related questions for his Youtube channel “Studying Maoist China.”

Video-discussion on the situation in China (DSA SF Education Committee, September 18, 2021) – Panel with Dong Yige, Zhang Yueran, Ralf Ruckus, and Christopher Connery on the social and political conflicts that have driven China’s history since 1949 and on the situation in the China today.

Audio-interview with Ralf Ruckus (Radio Free Galisteo, August 16, 2021) – John Shannon interviews Ralf Ruckus on his book The Communist Road to Capitalism and related topics.

Audio-podcast with Ralf Ruckus (gongchao.org, June 12, 2021) – Ralf Ruckus discusses the recently released book The Communist Road in China. How Social Unrest and Containment Have Pushed China’s (R)evolution since 1949.


Video-Mitschnitt der Veranstaltung mit Ralf Ruckus (Ost-Passage Theater, 9. April 2023) – Ralf Ruckus stellt sein Buch Die Linke in China vor.

Radio-Interview mit Ralf Ruckus zum Buch Die Linke in China (Radio Corax, (6. April 2023) – Diese Sendung entstand kurz vor der Veranstaltung zum Buch in Leipzig.

Radio-Interview mit Ralf Ruckus zu den “Corona”-Protesten in China (Radio Corax, 13. Dezember 2022) – In China haben Ende November 2022 Tausende Menschen gegen gegen die Zero-Covid-Maßnahmen der Regierung protestiert.

Radio-Sendung mit Ralf Ruckus zu den Protesten in China (Radio Corax, 8. Dezember 2022) – Diese Sendung erschien unter dem Titel “Corona-Proteste in China – Start einer Revolution?”

Video-Interview mit Ralf Ruckus (99 zu eins, 24. Juni 2022) – Ralf Ruckus spricht über sein Buch “The Communist Road to Capitalism. How Social Unrest and Containment Have Pushed China’s (R)evolution since 1949”.

Video-Interview mit Ralf Ruckus (Varna Institute for Peace Research, 18. April 2022) – Josef Muehlbauer spricht mit Ralf Ruckus über die sozialen Kämpfe in der Volksrepublik China, die Organisierung der Arbeiterkämpfe, linke Gruppen, die Kulturrevolution und Chinas Weg in den Kapitalismus.

Radio-Interview mit Ralf Ruckus (Radio Blau, 28. August 2020) – Ralf Ruckus spricht über die Folgen der Covid-19-Pandemie für die chinesische Wirtschaft, die Beschäftigungslage, die Situation der Wanderarbeiter:innen und den Einsatz von Überwachungstechnologien.

Radio-Interview mit Ralf Ruckus (Radio Corax, 15. Juli 2020) – Ralf Ruckus spricht zum Verhältnis der Linken zur Protestbewegung in Hongkong. Eine Abschrift des Interview findet sich hier.

Audio-Mitschnitt zum Aufstand in Hongkong (Conne Island, 27. Februar 2020) – Mitschnitt der Veranstaltung “Aufstand in Hongkong” mit Ralf Ruckus und Yuli Riswati, die wichtige Einblicke in die Situation migrantischer Hausangestellter aus Indonesien und deren Rolle in der Hongkonger Demokratiebewegung gab.

Audio-Mitschnitt “China und die Linke” (taz, 8. Januar 2020) – Veranstaltung zum Thema “China und die Linke”: Ralf Ruckus stellt das von ihm übersetzte und herausgegebene Buch “Die andere Kulturrevolution” von Wu Yiching vor, Felix Wemheuer spricht über sein Buch “Chinas große Umwälzung“. Sven Hansen von der taz fragt die beiden nach den sozialen Auseinandersetzungen in China, der geänderten Rolle des Landes im Weltmaßstab und den unterschiedlichen Positionen in der Linken zu China.

Radio-Interview zur aufständischen Bewegung in Hongkong (Radio Corax, 26. September 2019) – Seit Februar dieses Jahres ist Hongkong kaum zur Ruhe gekommen. Eine große Massenbewegung richtet sich gegen den zunehmenden chinesischen Einfluss wie gegen die Hongkonger Regierung gleichermaßen. Die Bewegung ist in ihrer Ausrichtung widersprüchlich – gleichzeitig verbirgt sich dahinter eine soziale Konfliktlage.


The podcast-series “China and the World” was organized by TNIgongchao.org and other initiatives. The content of each podcast reflects the speakers’ views and not necessarily the views of the organizers of the series:

Life in China (TNI, gongchao.org et al., November 10, 2021) – What is the reality like for most working people in cities and the countryside? How has this changed since 1949 and particularly in the last three decades? Discussion with Dong Yige, Eli Friedman, Yutong Lin, and Kevin Lin.

China’s economic system (TNI, gongchao.org et al., November 17, 2021) – Is it capitalist or communist? How does it differ from US or EU neoliberal capitalism? What has it achieved since the revolution in 1949? What are its flaws? What can we learn from it? What is the current economic strategy? How does it fit into the global economy? Discussion with Ralf Ruckus, Joel Andreas, Ho-Fung Hung, and Dong Yige.

China’s political system (TNI, gongchao.org et al., November 24, 2021) – How is China governed? In what ways is it democratic or not? Who has political power in China and how did they win and hold onto power? How is political power distributed or concentrated? Discussion with Rebecca Karl, Darren Byler, Cheng Yangyang, Au Loong Yu, and Sandy Shan.

China’s social movements (TNI, gongchao.org et al., December 1, 2021) – What are the main forms of social and collective organising in China? What space and autonomy do organisations have? How do movements from below and resistance shape Chinese society and politics? Discussion with Au, Manfred Elfstrom, Crystal L, May Wu, and Ralf Ruckus.

China and the world (TNI, gongchao.org et al., December 8, 2021) – What is Chinese state’s strategy in terms of its foreign policy, global investments, and its deployment of hard and soft power? What does it advocate for in terms of global governance? How can we understand the Belt and Road Initiative? Discussion with Brian Hioe, Lee Jones, Stella Hong Zhang, Walden Bello, and Stephanie Olinga-Shannon.

China and the planet (TNI, gongchao.org et al., December 15, 2021) – What is China doing to address climate change and environmental crises? What is working and where is it failing? Discussion with Tobita Chow, Isabel Hilton, Chen Ying, Liu Hongqiao, and Nick Buxton.


The series China and the Left – Critical Analysis & Grassroots Activism was organized by gongchao.org and other initiatives. The content of each podcast reflects the speakers’ views and not necessarily the views of the organizers of the series:

The Communist Road to Capitalism in China (gongchao.org et al., June 12, 2021) – Ralf Ruckus discusses the recently released book The Communist Road in China. How Social Unrest and Containment Have Pushed China’s (R)evolution since 1949.

How China Escapted Shock Therapy. The Market Reform Debate (gongchao.org et al., June 5, 2021) – Isabella Weber discusses her recently released book How China Escaped Shock Therapy. The Market Reform Debate.

Chinese Investments and Labor Struggles in Indonesia (gongchao.org et al., May 15, 2021) – Alfian Al-Ayubby and Y. Wasi Gede Puraka talk about Chinese investments and labor struggles in Indonesia.

Tech Workers and Rising Class Consciousness in China (gongchao.org et al., April 17, 2021) – JS Tan talks about tech workers and rising class consciousness in China.

China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse (gongchao.org et al., April 3, 2021) – Richard Smith talks about China’s engine of environmental collapse.

Dispelling the Myth of African Worker Indolence. Labor Politics in Ethiopian-Chinese Encounters (gongchao.org et al., March 20, 2021) – Miriam Driessen talks about labor politics in Ethiopian-Chinese encounters.

Confronting Covid-19 Racism – Asian Diaspora Organizing & Transnational Solidarity (gongchao.org et al., March 6, 2021) – Gigi Mei, Kimiko Suda, Shan Windscript, and JM Wong talk about racism against Asian diaspora communities and how they confront it.

Facing the Right in the Hong Kong Movement (gongchao.org et al., February 20, 2021) – Promise Li talks about the right in the Hong Kong Movement and how to confront it.

Gender Awakening, Care Crisis, and ‘Made-in-China’-Feminism (gongchao.org et al., February 6, 2021) – Dong Yige talks about Made-in-China feminism.

Taiwan’s Left in the Era of Chinese-American Rivalry (gongchao.org et al., January 23, 2021) –Brian Hioe talks about the left in Taiwan.

Terror Capitalism. The Enclosure of Uyghurs in Northwest China (Xinjiang) (gongchao.org et al., January 9, 2021) – Darren Byler presents his analysis of the situation in Northwest China (Xinjiang).