Further Discussions in “China and the Left”-Series

[english] – gongchao.org and others have organized more online discussion events as part of the series "China and the Left": on Saturday, January 9, on the situation in Northwest China (Xinjiang); on Saturday, January 23, on the left in Taiwan; and on Saturday, February 6, on "Made-in-China"-feminism. Other events will follow. For information and registration, see https://www.gongchao.org/en/online-discussions.

Will China Push the Global Economy Like Ten Years Ago? Maybe Not

[deutsch | english] – This is the translation of an article by Ralf Ruckus which appeared in the Swiss weekly WOZ on September 3, 2020. It describes the economic crisis that followed the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and elsewhere and discusses differences between the current slump and the crisis after 2007 – namely the different position China has today in the global economy and the intensified confrontation with the US regime.

Online Discussion Series: China and the Left

[english] – The online discussion series "China and the Left – Critical Analysis & Grassroots Activism" brings together activists and researchers with a left-wing perspective in order to shed more light on China’s changed role in the world as well as on the social conflicts and mobilizations in the country. The four events in September 2020 cover the topics EU-China-relations, the Hong Kong protest movement, feminism and queer activism, and recent labor unrest and organizing in China. For details and registration see this gongchao-page.

“Whether you call us Hongkongers or not – we are part of Hong Kong”

[bahasa | english] – On March 1, 2020, the migrant domestic worker and citizen journalist Yuli Riswati talked to Ralf Ruckus and Alina Kornfeldt about the (Indonesian) migrant domestic workers’ visible and invisible involvement in the Hong Kong opposition movement. Economic and social life in Hong Kong would not function without migrant domestic workers. Their labor also sustained the persistence of Hong Kong’s opposition movement, but their concerns hardly play any role in its demands for more democracy.

Birth Strike against China’s Population Policies

[deutsch | english | italiano | português] – This article on China’s population policies and women’s refusal to serve as birth machines for the CCP’s development program first appeared in the Swiss weekly WOZ in German on January 23, 2020. Meanwhile, the ‘coronacrisis’ has hit (not just) China, and it is unclear whether the scraping of official birth limits will happen this year. The women’s struggle against the state’s populations policies and for more control over their lives is still on and might even intensify in the face of even more state interference into people’s personal lives.

Critical Perspectives on the “Jasic Movement” – Suitable tactics of intervention?

[deutsch | english] – This is a short summary of the “Jasic Movement,” the wave of repression that followed, and the debate among left-wing groups in China on the current state of class struggles and forms of labor support in China. It is followed by a list of selected articles on the “Jasic Movement” in English and Chinese.