Not just ‘black bloc’ – Escalation and Perspective Distortion in Hong Kong

[deutsch | english | italiano] – The development of the movement until early September was described in a earlier posting. This is an update. While the clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong have further escalated, it is the daily practice of exchange, organizing, and solidarity – with all its contradictions – that makes up the strength of the movement.

Left-wing Perspectives on the Movement in Hong Kong

[deutsch | english | updated on September 9, 2020] – A selection of timelines and of left-wing articles and interviews on the movement. Obviously, the positions in the articles and interviews are diverse – and some disputable – but this material offers a good overview of the movements trajectory and the positions of left-wing activists and observers. The list will be updated.

Out of Control – Hong Kong’s Rebellious Movement and the Left

[deutsch | englishespañol | italiano | português | 中文] – This article is the result of recent discussions with protesters and left-wing activists in Hong Kong. It gives a short overview of the escalated confrontation and argues that the broad ignorance of the global left is a mistake. Despite its limitations, the movement constitutes a major challenge for the right-wing regime of China’s Communist Party (CCP) and could be the prelude for more struggles against the capitalist relations in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, and elsewhere.