Confronting COVID-19 Racism

[english] – This podcast is part of the online discussion series China and the Left.

Confronting COVID-19 Racism – Asian Diaspora Organizing & Transnational Solidarity | March 6, 2021 | Speakers: Gigi MEI, Kimiko SUDA, Shan WINDSCRIPT + JM WONG | Moderation: Jule Müller + Daniel Fuchs

Announcement: Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified existing systems of racial violence while fueling the rise of right-wing and fascist politics. Yet the pandemic has also seen heightened organizing efforts by communities of color to counter racism and forge solidarity with other struggles beyond borders. This online panel brings together activists from the Asian diaspora in the US, Australia and Europe to connect local struggles and discuss the possibility of transnational organizing.

How does racism in the different contexts relate to each other? What forms of anti-racist organizing are activists, workers, international students and other members of diaspora communities engaged in, and which organizing attempts have been successful and what challenges still remain? And how can we connect local movements to strengthen transnational solidarity among activists of color and their allies?

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