Video: Conflict in China. 1949 to Now

[english] – The recording of a panel discussion hosted by the DSA SF Education Committee that took place on September 18, 2021, can be watched online. The panel explores the social and political conflicts that have driven China's history since the 1949 Revolution and the current situation in the PRC today. Speakers include Yige Dong, Yueran Zhang, Ralf Ruckus, and Christopher Connery. Please, watch the video: here.

Left Dead-End Street vs. Destructive Critique

[english] – The following article, written by Ralf Ruckus and friends of gongchao, was published in 2012 on the gongchao-website. It is republished here as a contribution to the discussion about Ralf Ruckus's recently published book "The Communist Road to Capitalism" on China's history since 1949. The article was translated into German, Spanish, Greek, French, Portuguese, and Slovak.

Kritische Ansichten zur “Jasic-Bewegung” – Geeignete Taktik der Intervention?

[deutsch | english] – Dies ist eine kurze Zusammenfassung der “Jasic-Bewegung”, der darauffolgenden Repressionswelle und der Debatte zwischen linken Gruppen in China über den gegenwärtigen Stand der Klassenkämpfe und Formen der Arbeiterunterstützung in China. Darunter folgt eine Liste ausgewählter Artikel zur “Jasic-Bewegung” in Deutsch, Englisch und Chinesisch.

Critical Perspectives on the “Jasic Movement” – Suitable tactics of intervention?

[deutsch | english] – This is a short summary of the “Jasic Movement,” the wave of repression that followed, and the debate among left-wing groups in China on the current state of class struggles and forms of labor support in China. It is followed by a list of selected articles on the “Jasic Movement” in English and Chinese.

Entrevista com um manifestante dentro da Universidade sitiada em Hong Kong

[deutsch | english | português] – A Universidade Politécnica de Hong Kong (PolyU) esteve sob cerco policial por mais de uma semana. O manifestante entrevistado tem 20 e poucos anos, pertence aos círculos de esquerda e atua no movimento há meses. A entrevista ocorreu no dia 24 de novembro, dias depois de ele deixar o campus sitiado. Ele descreve não apenas os confrontos e a série de outros eventos durante o cerco, mas também o papel de políticos, professores e assistentes sociais em persuadir os manifestantes a se renderem: Entrevista com um manifestante dentro da Universidade sitiada em Hong Kong.