“The Communist Road to Capitalism” released

[english] – The book The Communist Road to Capitalism. How Social Unrest and Containment Have Pushed China’s (R)evolution since 1949 by Ralf Ruckus has been released in July 2021. For more information and material like the list of contents, please, check out the book-page on gongchao.org. For getting the book, you could go to this page on the publisher's website. If you want to get a copy for a review, or if you want to organize an event on the book, please, contact the author through the contact-page.

Standing with the Oppressed. On Colonialism and Terror-Capitalism in Xinjiang

[english | deutsch | italiano] – Darren Byler presented his analysis of the events in Xinjiang during the online discussion “Terror Capitalism. The Enclosure of Uyghurs in Northwest China” on January 9, 2021 (podcast). In February, he agreed on following up on the discussed topics in an interview with Ralf Ruckus. Here is a slightly edited version of the interview.