Left-wing Perspectives on the Movement in Hong Kong

[deutsch | english | updated on September 9, 2020] – As a supplement to the article Out of Control – Hong Kong’s Rebellious Movement and the Left, below is a selection of timelines and of left-wing articles and interviews on the movement. Obviously, the positions in the articles and interviews are diverse – and some disputable – but this material offers a good overview of the movements trajectory and the positions of left-wing activists and observers:


Chronology (by Dialectical Delinquents)

Timeline (by Hong Kong Democratic Movement 2019)

Key events from past four months (by South China Morning Post)

Articles and Interviews

July 30, 2020
An interview with a Hong Kong leftist organizer on how to build power despite antagonisms with the mainstream movement and the right

March 28, 2020
Facing down the Hong Kong protests’ right-wing turn

December 31, 2019
Thoughts from afar on Hong Kong

December 8, 2019
Summer in Smoke: Report from the World’s Biggest Black Block

December 5, 2019
Why Leftists Should Support Hong Kong’s Fight for Democratic Rights

November 27, 2019
The Left’s Role in the Hong Kong Uprising

November 23, 2019
The ‘explosive potential’ of workers: Meet the left activists elected to district council

October 18, 2019
Make or break: a progressive assessment of Hong Kong’s movement. How can this movement be sustained, and how can it win?

September 25, 2019
The millennial generation’s struggle for self-determination

September 21, 2019
Between Washington and Beijing. An Interview with Lausan-Collective

September 20, 2019
An Anarchist Collective on Achievements and Limits of the Revolt

September 14, 2019
Protests in Hong Kong: a talk with the ‘Workers Group’

September 11, 2019
Special interview on the Protest Movement in Hong Kong

September 10, 2019
Out of Control – Hong Kong’s Rebellious Movement and the Left

August 18, 2019
Everything You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Protests

August 1, 2019
The Rebellion in Hong Kong Is Intensifying

July 15, 2019
A Global Path through the Hong Kong Dilemma: Towards a New Internationalism

July 10, 2019
The situation of youth in Hong Kong, the devastation of the LegCo, and the dynamics of the crisis

July 10, 2019
The American left is failing Hong Kong

June 27, 2019
Shadows of the left in the anti-extradition movement
English foreword to interviews in Chinese on reignitepress.com

June 23, 2019
“Hong Kong’s Last Battle”

June 22, 2019
Hong Kong: Anarchists in the Resistance to the Extradition Bill

June 18, 2019
Left silent. Negotiating alienation in the movements
English translation of a Chinese article on theowl.hk

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